Free App Hosting with Netlify

I recently deployed a personal portfolio site to the internet to show off my work and establish my brand. When it comes to hosting a site and quiring a domain, there are many suitable (and free!) options. I have worked with both GitHub Pages as well as Netlify, for this article we are going to cover signing up and deploying with Netlify.

  1. Sign Up on to get started.
  2. Once logged in, you will want to press the “New Site from Git” Button to locate your repository

3. On the free version, you will have the option to import your repo from wither GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket.

4. Select the version management site your repo is hosted on and continue. For GitHub, you have the option to sign in using Git, which greatly streamlines the process for you.

5. Search for the proper repository on your account, and select it.

6. The next screen is our most important step. Select which branch from your repository will be your “build” branch. This will be the version of your app that is live on Netlify.

Once this is all set up, click deploy and you have officially done it!

Note that with Netlify, you have the option to go in and edit your URL, as well as update permissions or branch information on your site. One of my favorite features of Netlify is that if you push and merge any edits to the branch you have selected, a live update will occur on your site. If you pay for advanced features, you can even see analytics like views and engagement statistics.

I hope this helps out! Happy Coding!